Brandon Vera vs. Heath Herring

would be an good match-up. Heath has been in with the best and would be a step up from Mir and Silva. Vera is almost ready and could use one more fight like this to prepare him for a title shot IMO.

Herring makes for a good match up with every top UFC HW.

Herring was one of the contracts they picked up from the WFA. If Vera stays with the UFC they should make this fight happen soon. If Vera can stop Herring it will get people more interested in seeing him vs. Sylvia for the title.

If Hearring takes this one it will be a sign that they should never match

(ex) PRIDE fighters against (current) UFC ones again

Howard, he did leave GG quite some time ago and has been training with Ricardo Pires in Vegas for a while.

I don't get all the hype for Heath anymore. He hasn't beat a quality opponent with a decisive victory in a long time. I think Heath is better suited for the IFL.

Heath has been stacked against some really stiff competition. I think Vera would be a good matchup, and would definately be a good benchmark to see if Herring still deserves the rep he earned in the past as one bad motherfucker. I definately say throw them together, except if Vera's not fighting Sylvia in March, and Herring's not fighting Sylvia in March ... who the hell is gonna fight Sylvia in March???

Win or lose, I like Heath. He's and animated character and he's always fun to watch. He would be easy to sell to most of the TUF fans out there and would put on a show for the UFC at some UFN.

Good call on behalf of Dana and the UFC in scooping up Heath IMO

Vera all the way.


TTT for The Truth vs The Texas Crazyhorse

"please fill me herring really signed to the ufc? or is it just rumors like crocop...and what about rampage. is it official?"

When the UFC purchased the WFA they bought some of the fighter's contracts as well. Heath, Rampage and a few others were confirmed verbally by Dana White at a press conference a few days later.

The question is how long will Vera be in the UFC? I think he has one fight left on his contract. There are rumors he will sign with Pride after that.

Good matchup.

This fight makes perfect sense and would be a really good test for Vera and would result in a far more competitive fight than most people think.

Vera would destroy Herring within two rounds.

"What? I thought Vera went to PRIDE?"

Obviously, that's not going to happen.