Brandon Vera's MMA Gameplan?

Anyone seen this? Is it worth getting?

Step 1: Get a title shot and a great contract extension offer,  turn it down.

Step 2: Hold out for more money.

Step 3: Get turned down.

Step 4: Sign with a rival promotion.

Step 5: Get benched for 8 months and get demoted to the undercard.

Step 6: Fight scrubs in EliteXC until it goes under then crawl back to uncle Dana...

That might have been the original plan. But it ended up like this:

Step 4: Threaten to sign with rival pomotion.

Step 5: Fire manager.

Step 6: Crawl back to Dana.

I think Vera's re-signing with the UFC is pretty much dispositive that the rumors of EXC's offer were either greatly exaggerated or flat-out untrue.

I highly doubt he turned down a $1.5 million signing bonus, plus a guaranteed 7 figures per fight to come back to a UFC where he will now be worth much less, especially with the acquisition of Pride and their stable of HW's, and even before that, the free-agent additions of Cro Cop and Werdum, plus the re-emergence of Randy.

So if no such offer existed from EXC, he really didn't have much support to fall back on for playing hardball with the UFC.

Not very good contingency planning when you hinge everything on something that either doesn't exist or was made out to be far more than it really was.

Whistleblower, you're probably right. I'll be very interested to how much he gets from Zuffa.

I really hope Zuffa don't screw him! I hate the idea of a monopoly where anyone who tries to get a better deal on their contract ends up being black balled and have to come crawling back!

I have seen it. Not bad,its basically a seminar.

As long as he gets to mix it up with the pride guys at 205 i'm happy. Shogun, Overeem, Igor, Lil Nog some crazy matches for the guy.


If Brandon continues to have super exciting fights and continues to win, he will become a very rich man fighting in the UFC/Pride.

I'm looking very much forward to the next time he steps into the Octagon.

Brandon Vera is severely overrated. There I said it. He will get absolutely CRUSHED against Pride's elite Heavyweights.

"Brandon Vera is severely overrated. There I said it. He will get absolutely CRUSHED against Pride's elite Heavyweights."

LOL at somebody still saying "Pride's heavyweights"

Brandon should be wearing the UFC HW belt RIGHT NOW. And should be
plotting the steps to attain the other 50% of his goal, to hold HW and LHW
UFC belts at the same time.

But, with everything that has happened, that goal of two belts, now looks
beyond reach.

Interesting...I wonder where Brandon Vera has lunch?

QUICK to the bat mobile!!!

grabs cape and runs out the door

Interesting...I wonder WHAT Brandon Vera eats for lunch?

"Interesting...I wonder WHAT Brandon Vera eats for lunch?"

phils bbq

His gameplan dvd sucked. False advertising in my opinion. I expected an outline of his mma gameplan, similar to Fowler's gameplan dvd that is included in the 'Grappler's Gameplan' product. Instead, I see a video of a seminar that covers a handful of Vera's 'favorite' techniques. Not a bad seminar, but nothing like the ad copy suggests.


Thanks for the responses guys, even the unrelated ones, they're amusing.