Brasheur charged with DUI

I saw the headline on TSN's website that he was charged with DUI. Can't give anymore information as I didn't bother to read the story.

Maybe he will use the same law talkin guy as he did in the previous couple trips in front of a judge.

Donald is not my favorite guy.....he hugs when he fights, and thinks he's a goal scorer. Even when he played for my beloved Nucks', i'd be wishing Stu Grimson would KO him.

If only Marty would have swung harder....

johnny canuck is correct.

another tough guy hitting the bottle

Glenn Healy tonight on TSN showing gifts he got from teams in the past

*pulls out wine jug thing*

"Brasheur would know what this is"


He will be driving the golf kart at McCarty's golf tournament next year. Theo Fleury will be his caddy and Worrell will be the guy holding up the sign that says "hush"