smoked some brats in my new BGE a few days ago.. very good!

pulled some of the left over brats out of the fridge last night, and nuked them... is it me or did that thing taste just as good or even better??

My wife, as well as a few co-workers claim that smoked brats taste better as "left-overs" warmed up a few days later.


also, how do you guys like to prepare your brats?

simmer in beer + onions first?

yup, finish on the grill.

thats the only way i've ever done them, because thats how belushi say they should be done.

what brats did you buy?

I got mine at Costco... i think they were johnsonville.

they are not cooked.. they look pink and very soft.

I sliced an onion and sweated it until it was almost transluscent. Then I threw in 6 brats for 10 min., flipped them over, 10 more min.

Next, I threw two beer soaked hickory chunks into my BGE and grilled the brats (indirectly w/plate setter) at 350 degrees until my polder read 165.

At 165 internal, I removed the plate setter and finished the brats on direct heat until the podler read 175.

smokey goodness

After resting, I cut a link in half and saw the beautiful outter pink ring, with grey meat in the middle. The pink ring on the outside is the smoke penetrating the meat. Tastes really gooooooooood. and juicy too:)

for these pork sausages:

start = raw meat = light pink, soft

cooked meat = grey, firm

smoked = med pink ring, firm

Johnsonville is OK, but by far the best brats are going to be found at a local German deli.

Also helps to use dark german beer like Salvator or Optimator.

good tip!

Also, someone here gave me this tip, but I'll repeat it: take some sauerkraut and toss it in the reduced pan sauce after you take the brats out. I usually do onions too, so you end up with an awesome onion/kraut/reduced beer mash. Makes a good topping, and goes well with potatoes.

Local brats rule. I get mine from a local shop named Colosimo's. I typically get the Hot Brats, but the Garlic & Onion ones are pretty good too.

Johnsonville is probably the best grocery store brand I've tried, but I only use them in a pinch.

As far as simmering goes, I'm done wasting my time trying to get flavor that way. Last time I made brats I simmered them in beer, onion, garlic, and bell peppers. They didn't taste any different than when I just simmer them in water. I always finish on the grill.

How did the casings come out when you smoked them? I've only tried it once, and didn't like 'em. The sausage itself tasted great, but the casings came out tough. If yours weren't tough, I'd like to know what temp your smoker was running at.

BTW, here's a tip: When I simmer in beer, onions, garlic and peppers, I do so on the side-burner of my gas grill OUTSIDE. That shit will stink up your house for days.

I love that smell!

If you're interested in really getting the beer flavor into your brats, slice em up and make a stew with em. I did one a while back and it turned out awesome. Basically the same ingrediants, just turned into soup.

i enjoy brats in a sandwich, but i love,


smoked another batch last night.. fucking awesome!

  • put 6 brats in a ziplock bag and soaked them in beer + worcestershire over night.

  • smoked (oak chips made from old JD barrels) them using indirect heat at 325 degrees for anout 40 min. (internal temp = 170)

  • changed set up to direct heat for last 10 min. and brushed on some sauce (thick sweet and sour + Franks Red hot + red chilli flakes).

  • after the glaze set, I removed the brats and rested them.

  • fuck they were good!