Braulio Estima Guard DVDS

Does anyone here have them? Are they worth it? I'm interested more in the closed guard DVD (1 of 2). Are all moves connected?


The Braulio set is very good. The closed guard section is done as a series of techniques. These involve going for a choke and then continuing to attack with different options depending on how your opponent reacts.

I thought they were worth it.  As mentioned a lot of good closed guard stuff when the opponent is on the ground and standing and also great open guard stuff.  Everything is really connected into a game.  A lot of the open guard stuff is spider guard with one leg lasoing one of his arms.  Sweeps and subs are shown with all the good details to pull them off.

In addition there is pass prevention stuff so you get a good reference point of how to get to the position, keep it against his common passes and look for sweeps/subs.  There is even a short section on passing.  Good basic passes are taught well. 

But this is really a stand out guard set and it would be hard to imagine someone not finding some usable stuff on it.  Otane's best set IMHO and I'm not a big fan of most of their discs.

It's my favorite GI DVD right now. I lot of good techniques taught with great detail.

There is a small review here:

the open guard stuff is really good.

For gi techniques in the guard it is hard to beat. A lot of material, well worth the price.

definately worth it