Braulio Seminar

What: Seminar w/ Professor Braulio Estima of Gracie Barra Birmingham

When: Saturday, October 18th 2008; 1700hrs to 1900hrs

Where: Gracie Barra Honolulu @ Oahu Tae Kwon Do Center, Waipio

Professor Braulio Estima will be going over both gi & no-gi during his first ever visit to Hawai'i.

For more info on Professor Braulio Estima you can check out his Wikipedia entry at

For more info on the seminar there is a link at the Gracie Barra Honolulu Site

It was an awesome turnout for Professor Flavio's seminar during the summer, let's give Professor Braulio a warm Hawai'i welcome as well! So...In classic Gracie Barra Honolulu fashion, there will be a Cookout/Potluck to follow.

time in english?
and does everyone go by "professor" at GB?... I kid.

Braulio's got an unreal game. tell prof Hexie goo says hi!

5 to 8, I believe.

nice. braulio and his bro went off at the mundials this year.. both subbing there opponents in the semi's within 45 sec of each other on the 2 rings side by side.. then they kid of did an awkward embrace/hug... cool moment tho.

Yeah. It was pretty awesome.

Made an error on the time, to which I cleaned it up above. The time is from 1700hrs (5pm) to 1900hrs (7pm). Got excited.