Bravado Tourney?

Is this tournament still happening? If so, when and where? Thanks.

April 9th at Father Bressani High School in Woodbridge

Gi only double elimination.

Hi Annie!!

"the sun will come out, tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that ..tomorrroooow, there'll be sun!"

That was funny because that song is from the movie 'Annie' and your screen name is 'Annie'. crickets... hehe... Hello?.. is this thing on?..

wow and I thought I was bad

HI choke artist

you better be training this week...momentous

Portuguese2002, do you follow me around the forum and comment on all my shit?


"Do you follow me around and comment on all my shit? "

Honestly, no!

I just open every thread thats ever posted in MMA.TV because I am a lonely, sad man that has nothing better to do. :(