Brave fighter sharing his memories of Khabib Dad

Brave fighter Shamil Gaziev shared his memories of working together with coach Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.

“He gave me not only sports knowledge. Abdulmanap gave me a lot as a person, he was a teacher of life for his students. For example, he could come to the educational institution where you study at any time and ask about your academic performance. If the grades are bad or you do not attend school, he could forbid you to go to training. He wanted a person to be developed not only physically, but also intellectually. Physics alone is not enough, otherwise the fool will grow up.

Abdulmanap was a very strong psychologist. He could make anyone very courageous. He could talk, suggest somewhere, literally make a person out of nothing. He was a very strong motivator. Where necessary, scold, then praise. Abdulmanap treated everyone individually, he knew with whom and how to talk. If a guy could be offended after harsh words, he spoke softly to him, and on the contrary, he could constantly address someone in a harsh manner, ”Gaziev said in an interview with the Championship correspondent Alexander Frolov.


Shamil Gaziev, a fighter from the Brave CF promotion, spoke about his development in mixed martial arts, which, according to him, was influenced by his native region.

“My father was a volleyball player, he played at the Dagestan level. He gave me a volleyball all the way, taught me to play from childhood. He really wanted me to play volleyball. But to live in Dagestan and be a volleyball player… You know what it looks like. There you need to survive more, for this you need to be able to fight. That’s why I switched to fighting.

There is no such thing as being a volleyball player in Dagestan - a shame. You just have to stand up for yourself. If a volleyball player fights with a wrestler, with a boxer, there will be no benefit in a fight from volleyball. You know what Dagestan is. It was necessary to survive there, to engage in martial arts, in order to have an opportunity to stand up for yourself,” Gaziev said in an exclusive interview with the correspondent of the Championship, Alexander Frolov.