Bravo NorCal Bay Area seminar

I will be hosting a 2 day seminar for Eddie Bravo on June 25 and 26 in San Carlos, CA. On the first day, Eddie will be covering the twister and attacking from the back. The second day will be spent covering Eddie's half guard game.

The seminar will be held at Peninsula Thai Kickboxing and will begin at 3pm each day. The cost will be $100 for both days.

All attendees must be paid and registered by June 20th. No walk-in's on the day of the seminar.

For more info or to register, e-mail Michael Jen at or call 408-531-1001.

shudders at thought of 'twister' reference point being created

Awesome bro! Looking forward to that stuff......



shudders at thought of all Eastern Europeans who will soon be twistered by Radek

hahaaa rene....

BTW, Rodney "Chico" King - my stand up coach is here for 7 days, so get ready for HUGE review very soon!!


i'm scared that eddie already seems to HAVE reference points in his rubber guard game.....good thing they aren't teaming up on THAT one!

South African MAists are the coolest...

What I'm scared of is Bravo's naming conventions rubbing off.

Hug-Around-Chest is fairly self-explanitory. If Bolo starts posting about the 'Roshambo pass', we're in trouble...

FWIW- I went to a Bravo seminar last year at CBK, and it was awesome. Excellent teacher, and his method ensures high retention.

Does Peninsula Thai boxing have a website? Where are they located?

If you are interested in the seminar, e-mail me and I can give all the info you need.