About a year ago someone posted a copy of the Bravo/Royler in ADCC with music and everything. Can someone repost it please?

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Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo
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TTT for later

Cool, thanks Now if we could just DL vids like we used too. Thats the one I am looking for.


TTT Too bad for Royler. Seems he was def winning the match by points. Just goes to show you nothing is for certain, and even the best can get caught.

Thanks..I love watching that vid...Eddie is sooooooo flexible its awesome

Have either grappled competatively since that match?



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Hate to see such a master go out like that. I wish he'd come back to the next ADCC and show Leo and Rani that the under 65KG only has one true master.

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Have either grappled competatively since that match?

Both of them had another match that same day, but other than that, no, neither has grappled competitively since that match.

I love the Gracies, and I especially admire the way Royler takes on big challenges - just look at what he's done. He challenged Mario Sperry (what is that, 140lb vs 200lb??) and basically cornered him into grappling him in the BJJ absolutes where he lost. He took on Genki Sudo in MMA, it seems like he just wants to challenge himself whether he wins or loses. That's amazing to me.

Also amazing to me were the ADCC's that I watched him in. I bought the complete VHS set of the very first ADCC's and the DVD's later on. Seeing this weird almost cigar-box looking thing come filled with old arabic newspapers and stuff.. man.. I was so ecstatic to watch those, and I couldn't believe how great it was. I wore those tapes down watching the matches.

Royler's matches looked like they were sped up. At his size and with the speed of the flow, everything else looked clumsy, slow, too careful.

Bravo owned Royler plain and simple. I'd love to see both of them in competition again though.

Royler was winning, but to say that he was dominating is a bit of an overstatement. He couldn't pass Eddies guard for very long and wasn't able to try any subs.

Dominating would mean that he was passing guard at will, threatening with subs...etc.

Great match. A rematch would be unbelievably boring with Royler winning on Eddies negative pts for pulling guard or for a guard pass to mount.

The only chance for a sub in a rematch is from Eddie cause Royler would play it so safe he would make Antonio McKee himself vomit with rage.

"Dominating would mean that he was passing guard at will, threatening with subs...etc. "

True, if you want to see dominating Watch Eddie's next match vs Leo Viera.

My hat's off to Eddie for what he's accomplished. This place is full of haters.

the real trick would be to post a vid of eddies next competetive win after this one.

so eddie didnt win another competetive match? I thought he choked out Royler and won that year and was dominant for a few years.....??? I am clearly an idiot. So not hate but how did Eddie become so popular? Just that match? wow that is a lot of faith people are showing for the Rubber guard.

"True, if you want to see dominating Watch Eddie's next match vs Leo Viera."

yes, now that was dominating..

you might as well call Edgars guard the the "butter guard", cuz Leo passed that shit like a hot knife through butter.. :)