Bravo Seminar in GA - Review

I wanted to take some time and review the Bravo seminar this weekend in Hartwell, GA. We had a great turnout (over 40 people) and a group that varied from beginner, to brown belt to TUF3 star Rory Singer and everything in between. Eddie blew us all away. He basically taught non stop for the entire seminar. His ½ guard game and progression is phenomenal. It is so well thought out that even a newbie will have a complete half bottom game with some reps. He taught everything in the book but with the important details you can only get from live instruction. He also showed a bunch of refined positions and moves that take the next step from the book. After lunch the group decided to learn rubber guard (instead of twister), we plan on having Eddie back so it will not matter in the long run. Not only did he take us through an amazing amount of detail with the RG but he also showed some amazingly fine details on some other aspects of the BJJ game. These included over hook, the flower sweep, locking down the shoulder, transitioning into armbars, and transitioning from ½ to butterfly to a great overhook attack, controling an opp from top and other stuff. His detail is amazing. He finished with the Q&A and answered every question we came up with.

All in all this was one of the best seminars I have hosted or been too. Eddie cares about the attendees learning each step of each move. He stops the group at key steps so he can see each group. He teaches in a flowing progression that is easy to follow. He teaches everything with the knowledge that your opp will counter.

Most importantly to me he is a cool guy to spend an afternoon with. Humble, funny, straight shooter, and super friendly. What else could you want.

I give his seminars my highest recommendation. I know he will be in AL in July.
Adam Singer

but did he bring the vaporizer?

where is he going to be in alabama?



Harry's but not sure when.

I had a great time in GA!!!!

I had 45 super friendly bjj players , all with open minds and zero egos and crazy hungry for some jiu jitsu with a different twist, how can I do any better than that?

Plus my glaucoma was acting up a bit and luckily there was a doctor attending the seminar who treated my condition, now that was fucking beautiful!

Another cool thing that happend to me on my trip to GA was after the seminar, at this insane club in atlanta called "the compound", I ran into 7 brazilians, all black belts and all super cool to me, and we all got pretty damn crazy. Diego Scarvia has got to be one of the coolest brazilians I have ever met.

I am glad someone there was able to help Eddie with his medical condition.

Small world because a few of those Brazilians were at my school sunday for a little MMA work with my guys.




where is the seminar in Al? who is the contact?


July 1 is the date for my seminar in alabama :)




I will get Eddie to the mountains of western North Carolina sooner than later.


Eddie- do you have a schedule of your future seminar dates? Thanks!


Where in Alabama? TTT

ttt eddie is a cool cat

what's up charles!

was that the longest cab ride ever or what? :)