Bravo Siver and Rosa!

Sick fight. I don't remember the last time I've seen so many transitions. Siver will get the decision but Charles Rosa is a kid to watch out for. Phone Post 3.0

Excellent fight.

Fantastic. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah definitely been a while since ive seen so many escapes sweeps and reversals. I was entertained.

Rosa has a bright future and Siver has a very underrated ground game.Great fight. Phone Post 3.0

great fight by Rosa. I've watched him locally at CES and knew he would be ready to fight at the UFC level.

Amazing fight indeed. It had everything, kicks, punches, scrambles, submission attempts,.. What a fight, one of the best i've seen this year. A complete MMA fight, these kinds of fights bring new fans to the sport. Bravissimo!

ttt Phone Post 3.0

fantastic technical display