Bravo v. Serra

Last one. Serra v. Bravo in a no-gi match. Thougths?

This one is more difficult. It could go either way. I say Serra by decision. Probably a lot of time would be spent in Eddie's guard.

serra would win this convincingly. serra also walks at 180 pounds.

I dont think Serra is 180, even as a WW he fought around 165 or I think he said but ya, he is quite bigger than Bravo but it would be interesting.

Theyve both beat legends but I think Serra is a little more accomplished and consistent at this point, so I would have to favour Serra but I think we should think about matchups in Bravos own weight class: a Royler rematch, Baret, etc.

serra would win easily

I'd have to say Serra by sub.

I seen Serra a few times at NAGA, he looks like he walks around at 175lb easy. Nick like 190lb.

Serra by far, I think it is not a very good question.

Everytime I have seen serra (3 times now) I ask him what hes weighing and he says "about a buck 80"

Serra by spinning pimpslap-backfist.

Serra for sure, different weight classes.

Serra is very good! i think this would be a great match!

I train w/ Eddie, and I've also been on the mat w/ Serra, and he's WAY bigger than Eddie is....Serra is just thick everywhere, granted, he's short as shit, but he looks like a powerlifter in person.

I saw him years ago at a seminar in NC, and he was definitely over 170, cuz he mentioned he needed to cut some weight.

when it happens

omaplata....Do you think Eddie would have a better chance without his facial hair in this match?

scarola can/has tapped eddie


Joe Scarola is a brown belt under Matt

A friend of mine Allan Teo almost caught Eddie Bravo at the ADCC was a close match. Allan weighed at the time 145-150 and he's a purple belt (an awesome purple belt that is!) Matty is a BB that walks around at 180'ish and his BJJ is just on another level...Matty would dominate Eddie. I'm not saying he would tap him out so easily, but would definitely control the fight....Eddie's no joke.

I agree with Mark. I remember the alan teo/eddie fight.

That would be an interesting match. A few pounds difference one way or the othet doesn't mean as much in grappling as it does in MMA fights where the bigger guy might get away with just ground and pound.
I'd like to see a Matt Serra/ Eddie Bravo match, but I suspect that it won't happen any time soon. Serra is peparing for what will undoubtably be a very tough match against an exceptional fighter, Monjivar, in the next UFC in June. (Too bad that one probably won't be televised.)