Brawl After Karalexis/Howard Fight!

For some reason the UG is not letting me post HTML. Good times in Rhode Island!!!

Can we get a backstory???

 Back story?



not sure if the brawl had anything to do with the fight, and i havent watched it yet

but it appears that there was a very questionable decision

why the fight, donnybrook?

don't leave us hangin.

Nice work Empire! Apparently one of Howard's cornermen pushed Karalexis after the final bell before the announcement. At that point, one of Alex's cornermen rushed in and then........... "it was ON!!". That one fella in the black shirt was "leakin" quite a bit from the forehead! This footage is from when the first act died down as security entered the cage. As it ends, the dance begins again as those inside the cage realize that security are not cops. About a minute later though, real cops come in and the fracas comes to a close. All in all a good time appeared to have been had by all and there were no real serious injuries :)

....hmmm Phone Post

white boy got fucked up!

First guy to figure out which one I am gets a free yoyo!!

Check out the Kimura at 3:55 of Round 1............WOW!!!!

Gnarly219 -  Back story?

These things happen in MMA.

come on bro. if that is you, kevin, it was way too easy.

you were the ref?

donnybrook is the black guy !

Good Fight im not to sure where the questionable decision
comes in. I give Alex the 3rd and howard the 1st & 2nd

Hey Empire, shoot me you're info to and I'll get a package out to you!! Nice work!

Kevin "The Ref" MacDonald