Brawl in the Ukraine parliament

Classy dudes. Just scrap!

I wish that happened in Australia,I'm sick of our politicians Phone Post 3.0

Why stuff like that doesn't happen in US Congress? Phone Post 3.0

That was a pretty good tilt! The video footage was pretty good too. Phone Post 3.0

Love it.....and they talked out afterwards.

Good clean scrap.

Guessing neither would have picked a fight with the current Mayor of Kiev when he was in parliament. Phone Post 3.0

both those dudes are tough as shit

looks like they vented and got their steam out and started talking it out afterwards..

saw that earlier

That was awesome. Good clean scrap and the score seemed to be somewhat settled. Can we export this to D.C.?


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Suit guy stood in the pocket pretty well, and looked to counter.

Last shot landed flush

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