Braz. Black Belt Mario Roberto MN

Mario Roberto is now teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at:

Youth boxing Gym

615 1st Ave. SW

Rochester, MN 55902

His BJJ classes are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5pm -7:30pm. Members also have full access to the boxing facilities and free-weights.
For more information on classes or scheduling workshops or seminars you can contact Mario at: (507) 202-0036

For those who are unfamiliar with Mario, he was the first Hook'n'Shoot Middleweight Champion. He had SUBMISSION wins over Henry Matamoros, Aaron Riley and John Renkin all in the same night. He came back the following year to compete and taught a seminar one day, the next day he did a 30 minute submission match with Jeremy Horn (whom he dominated), and then on the third day beat Travis Fulton in an NHB match!
You can read a short Bio on Mario Here:

Tapskilz is a TOUGH grappler himself. He as many impressive victories, and is responsible for the development of one of favorite training partners, Matt Stratta. So, my advice, if in Minnesota check Mario Roberto out!

The proof is in the pudding and this guy has pumped out some fantastic jiu jitsu fighters.

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