Braz. Judo takedown

What are the best takedowns to end up in side mount in Braz. Judo?

Dropping seoinage

My nephew who studies both Judo and BJJ prefers the back throws instead of the forward throws mentioned above such as tai otoshi, drop seoi nage, or o goshi.

His high % back throws are o soto gari (major outer reaping) which is a leg throw and o soto otoshi.

The key and challenge to forward throws is proper off-balancing so that your opponent cannot take advantage of your temporarily giving your back.

For gi bjj, I'd go with tai otoshi. When I don't get it, it's almost always because the person hops around the side. I think there's less chance of giving up your back than with a lot of the hip or shoulder throws. The only problem is that it's not the most no-gi applicable. You can do a sort of bastard version of it no-gi, but it's not nearly as cool as a gi tai otoshi.

Taiotoshi really dosnt give up your back in a way that someone can take it..Ippon Seoinage does if it isnt executed properly. However, guys like Saulo have really good sport BJJ seoinage's...

Uchimata is a big BJJ favorite, used by Rickson in three or four matches I've seen and used at alot of BJJ tournies...

Haraiogoshi also dosnt make you give up your back in a way someone can take it...

Tomoe Nage is probably the most used in BJJ, Taniotoshi is another good one...Also using ObitoriGaeshi is a great throw to control for a hunched over opponent..

There are so many useful throws for BJJ guys..

One of my favs is when Royce chucked Wallid..Wallid is a judo blackbelt, I dont think Royce is, but Royce threw him like nothing...

Why do you think Royce was able to throw Wallid? I haven't seen
that part of the match, only the end of it.