Brazen fatal shooting outside Oakland bar caught on camera

If the shooter(s) was caucasian, I wonder how it would be covered…

This is common in black communities. They’re a shrinking minority so no bother.


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Good thing the victim wore a neon yellow hoody so the perps could see him clearly.

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Human garbage

They act the way they do, then wonder why people are racist

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This. Was that a pump action Tech Nine?

Oakland - a “blue collar” town.

fascinating behavior

Looks like a 3rd world country

Niggggers gonnna nigggg

Thats gonna leave a mark…

Yet the white man is to blame? Oh and Black Lives Matter. 99% of those fucking myates must have been born without a cerebral cortex.

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That is interesting isn’t it? If a cop shoots someone, it’s always the cop’s fault. But when criminals kill people, it’s he gun’s fault.