brazil combat

Goddamn. My girlfriend ordered me shorts for my birthday from Brazil Combat. What a mistake. She ordered them on the 17th of April, and they just got here today. I take a size 30 waist, which is (apparently) a Brazilian size 40. Try them on, and no's like a 34 American.

I vowed to never order from them again after they charged me like $45 shipping on a gi and it showed up a month and a half later. Too bad I didn't warn the woman about them. So now I have two options: sell the shorts, or send them back, and hopefully get reimbursed by the end of the summer.

In closing, never, ever order from

I've had problems in the past with them, but nothing on the level you're describing.

Added: have you tried contacting the company?




Go to you will love the gi's over there.