Brazil jungle fight night results?

Todd wins!

Hahha - Duffee beat his ass and wins via ref stoppage due to strikes.

Nice work, it was obvious the ref was working against him, so he had to finish.

Feck YA!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloody awesome work for Duffee. That kid is going to go so fecking far!!!


Duffee dominated from start to finish.

 Good win by the Americano

Wow - they just showed a close up of Silva's face - huge grapefruit growing out of his left cheek.

Now a prostitute is walking around the ring.

they just said todd doooofey won!

At least he beat Silva worse then he beats up on his training partners and coaches : )


Rogerio doesn't look happy.

Definitely glad he doesn't do that to his training partners!!!

He just gave you a shout out, Traven.

Duffee's jaw looks like another fist - is he related to Chuck Norris?


thats a big win, Ive been telling peeps for a while The Irish Car Bomb was LEGIT !!! He just gave props to you Adam, and Traven

bcolflesh - Rogerio doesn't look happy.

Minotauro, not Rogerio.

Issus, He sure does.LOL

Traven + Singer = Good coaching and one handsome mutherfucker.LOL

 Never heard of the guy...he is a BEAST!

I am now a fan of Todd Dooooofey!

That Duffee is a bad man. Congrats to him!

Makes me feel better that last week I went home with a mouth full of blood and what felt like a concussion. That kid is like a HWT GSP. Rory is on a constant search for willing sparring partners for him. Could he be the next UFC fighter form GA?

Congratulate Roberto for me.