Brazil protesters block traffic...


lol...consequences, how do they work?

Too bad it wasnt a big truck

Do these people not have the internet? Will they not learn?

gokudamus - lol...consequences, how do they work?


Cause, meet effect.

Dont look for none. Wont get none

I wish this was in Berkeley

I don't condone running over protesters, but I can understand why people freak out and drive through when 'nonviolent' protesters surround their car and start trying to open the doors and get inside. Crowds are fucking scary. The vast majority of protesters may be peaceful, but all it takes is one violent asshole to drag you out of your car and the next thing you know you are getting the Reginald Denny treatment.

lol @ the people running after it


yeah guys you're really gonna catch up to a car

Outta my way, jerkass!

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I wish this was in Berkeley


Don't know, nor do I care, what they were protesting about, but if you want to stand in the middle of a highway and block traffic to try and make a point then you deserve to have your ass run over. 

Did those dumbasses finally get out of the road after that?

I honestly hope people who block traffic get killed when they are ran over. All of them. I don't give a fuck what you are protesting. They pose as a threat to me and my family. If you are crazy enough to block a highway you might be crazy enough to have a gun on you and start shooting into my car. Fuck you. I hope you die.

Fucking ouch.... Oh man...

Guy in the car can say he felt in danger.

Haha. I was having kind of a shitty day. Thanks for that

Why are they running after the car?

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