Brazil trip - language tapes?

anyone use the pimsleur language tapes before going to Brazil for a training trip? If you have any feedback or are willing to sell the ones you have please e-mail me at

My favorite is the Pimsleur series. They have a few versions available through Barnes&Noble or Not useful if you're looking for BJJ terminology, but it will help you get around (food, money, directions, greetings, etc).


Nothing beats learning by the Pimsleur method, IMO.

You'll learn the language in a way that will most directly relate to conversation you will have.

If my memory is correct, it is a 30 day course.

Pimsleur roxz! I used the first set of 30 lessons + did a course at the university's extension for Portuguese and it REALLY helped. It will give you "Get By" portuguese meaning you will have enough to get you around and into basic conversations. It gets rough when they start throwing slang at you though lol!

Boa Sorte!