Brazil vs Brazil never happens PFC

Am I just not paying attention or do I never see Brazilans fight each other in Pride.

I'd think it be great to see the BTT vs Team Gracie or even better see the Chute Box cockroach stomp(my new favorite word)Ryan Gracie's ass into retardedness.

Its always Japanese or Russians.Never green flag vs green flag.

You must never have seen when BTT and Chute Boxe had some nice fights then.Pride 20 has the best one Ninja vs. Sperry.

Theres been a few: Nino vs. Olivera, Sperry vs. Ninja, Ninja vs. Arona.

Wasn't Sperry and Ninja both drained and emotional at the end of their fight? It was one of the fights that hooked me on Pride.

there are some good fights in the AFC Brazil show

The first round of Ninja/Sperry was some of the best fight action of all time.

Also in the GP they had lil Nog and Shogun too.


In the UFC they had Vitor vs Silva.

In Pride they have quite a few Japanese vs Japanese matches.  The thing is that the US, Brazil and Japan have the largest base of fighters so you will see lots of those matches happening.