Brazilian Greats in the '90's???

Many of the big name jiu jitsu guys from 2000 on are well known. I am interested in BJJ history. Does anyone know of a resource that lists BJJ players who had tournament wins in the '90's? I know there was some great ones that competed during that time and likely an era dominated by Royler!

Ze Mario Sperry!

Many of the other carlson bbs if you go to there is a 4 part article on the history of the mundial...(from 1996 onward) ull see of the best guys from the 90's on there. its a great read with great pics

Gracie Magazine has a whole series on Mundial history, check it out here:

Ricardo Liborio Mundials 1996

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Amaury Bitteti, Fabio Gurgel, Nino...

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I believe that Roleta has more tournament wins than anyone else.

World Champion Helio Soneca!

What weight class was Soneca and what tourney wins did he have? I have read great things about him. Didn't he compete against Royler once?

I believe that Soneca fought as a super feather weight, and feather
weight. I think he fought Royler twice. I have seen one of the matches
on video, and it is epic battle. I think Royler was usually one weight
class up from Soneca.

What is really amazing about Soneca is how far he would make it in the
open weight class in many tournaments. You just don't see 130, 140
pound guys making it to the semis and finals in the open weight
division (For example, he fought in the 1993 Brazilian Championship
Open Weight Finals). He was a warrior, for sure.

1995 Pan-American Championship - California

1996 World Championship - Brazil

1997 Brazilian Championship - Brazil

1999 International Championship - Brazil

Royler dominated lighter weight classes.

Leo Vieira was already there doing his thing. Also Vieira is following Roylers footsteps being the new king of this weight class.

Around middle weights it was all about Roleta who won when he chose to compete.

Now it is Marcello Garcia doing his thing in middle weight.

Cruicer weight i dont know but current guy is Jacare.

Fabio Gurgel dominated heavier and absolute.

Fabio was brefly followed by Saulo who did his thing but then got dethrowned by Margadia who faded out quickly.

Heavier weight classes are dominated by Roger Gracie now and he is there to stay just like Fabio.


Royler Gracie/light
FAbio Gurgel/heavy weight and abslute

Whole new world:

Leonardo Vieira/ Light
Marcello Garcia/ Middle
Jacare/ Cruiser
Roger Gracie/ Heavy

From GracieMag:

"Carlson even stopped 93's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship by putting his
gang on the mat to prevent the fights to resume. All because he did not
agree with purple belt Daniel Gracie's win over his pupil Ricardo Rey Diogo.
Conflict resolved only after his brother Carlinhos negotiated with him an
additional fight between Daniel and Diogo to happen during that week in
Carlson's gym. Diogo won the rematch, what made Carlson very pleased."

Saulo dominated 5 years in a row, winning lightweight all the way through Super Heavy. At the Worlds alone he has wins over Marcio, Nino, Roleta, Bustamante, Gurgel, Daniel Gracie, Flavio Almeida, etc...

That being said, I think even though Margarida kind of faded out after he won double golds, I think he had the most impressive performance in mundial history.

Roleta was my favorite back in the day. His guard looked effortless, and he had wins over Bustamante, Sperry, Wallid, Bitetti, Saulo, Minotauro, Margarida, and so many more.

Best older-school guys are Rigan Machado, Jean-Jacques, Royler, Renzo, Roleta, and Saulo.

Gurgel, Bolao, Sperry, Bustamante, Royler, JJ and Johnny Machado, damn the list goes on. Too many, way too many