Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Executive Fitness Martial Arts Academy presents:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships May 1st 2004 at San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Community Center

26569 Community Center Drive

Highland, Ca 92374

Kids are $25 - Adults are $30

Weigh-Ins are at 9am. Competition times are 10am-1pm Gi, 1pm-5pm No-Gi

For more info e-mail or call us at (909) 289-1977

You can also call the academy at (909) 425-9510

When is this?

ttt, KINGS RULE!!!!!

oh cool another championships of brazilian jiu jitsu.

If Scott has anything to do with this tournament that it will be a great one!

that is a fair price, i hope lots of people show up and support this

what's the date, man?


Deeder is being anti-political with his "ttt" response

Its may first THIS SATURDAY! Yes I know short notice but hey! Oh and its not a championships of brazilian jiu jitsu its just a BJJ tournament that the owner of executive fitness wanted to throw together and have some fun! The name isnt really estbablished as yet but this isnt going to be the last one they put together. If you all want to come out and see how things go then COOL! SPECTATORS ARE FREE! Nothing to loose right?

Quinton Jackson is suppose to be there selling gear and signing autographs

Bjjfn whats up man thanks for the props! $'s in the mail!

I just found out that the kids are getting 1st and 2nd place tropheys but ALL the kids that done take 1st and second are getting these really cool little tropheys!


Scott Proffitt

Here are the weight divisions if anyone is interested:

Rooster 110-121
Super Feather 122-134
Feather 135-147
Lightweight 148-160
Middleweight 161-173
Light Heavy 174-187
Heavy 188-202
Super Heavy 203-213
Xtra Heavy 214 and up

Scott Proffitt

more original name maybe?

UMMM I think they are working on it as we type! LOL

This is new to them but it looks like they may have quite a few people there. Not really sure how many but they are running three mats and they have a lot of kids that are suppose to compete.

Like I said they just wanted to put on a tourny that people can afford to compete at and have some fun. As soon as they land a name I will let ya all know at this point it should be called something like
"The very first no title jiu jitsu tournament" or something. I just had to throw something up there for a title! :)

thats a damn good price.

For more info e-mail or call us at (909) 289-1977I tried to email (909) 289-1977 but it didn't work.

LOL @ Stevekt!

Man my bad!!!!!!!! email