Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Dayton, OH?

When I get done with this semester(next week) I will be traveling to Dayton. I will be there for 10 days, and wanted know if there was a place to train. If so, what times, how much? I wanted to know if I should pack the gi.

jorge gurgel's without question. brazilian blackbelt with two full time brownbelts. just a stud. period. 937-416-0461

Jorge Gurgel's main school is in Middletown,Ohio about 20-25 minutes south of Dayton. Michael Patt one of Jorge's brown-belts teaches a gi class a couple times a week in Huber Heights too. Huber Heights is about 10-15 minutes north/east of Dayton.

Go to for more info.

Jorge Gurgel!!!!