Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sacramento?

I'v been looking online for BJJ schools in Sacramento. I'v never trained in BJJ but have trained about three years of submission fighting, I would like to train without a gi. I'v come across three schools so I was hoping I could get some info on which has had the most success in BJJ/Grappling tournys and MMA.

Which Academy's students have done the best in non gi grappling events?

Has anybody trained at all three?

If so which did you feel gave the best instuction technique wise?

I'm not sure if the instructors @SacBjj Training Center are black belts. If not is that okay for teaching BJJ?

Here are the three schools I have found. I would appreciate any info and opinions on each academy.

Sacramento Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training center. (I'm not sure who they represent.)

Bruddas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. (Charles Gracie Representatives.)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy of Sacramento. (Rickson Gracie Representatives.)

Thank you for any Info and Opinions.


Chojin, I live in Roseville and scoped out a lot of these places. I can give you a heads-up, email me at

Also, I am looking for basic training partners to roll together and work on stuff, too, once a week or so to supplement training (or make up for it since I get lazy). I got about six months' training but am willing to learn. Let me know how I can help with either.

In Sacramento area...gotta go with Cassio Werneck...

hey Jaseprobst..see ya Monday..

You too Lyle...let's work some more of those armlocks. They are quite nasty.


I trained at the BJJ Academy (Rickson affiliate) under Dave Terry for a while and have nothing but good stuff to say about that school. Everyone was friendly and the instruction was very good.

i trained at bruddas was good rolling and everything...check it out.

pneyz, i went there and saw a couple classes, it looked top notch. But I live in Roseville and driving to Rancho Cordova is just plain fucking awful. David Terry is a really good instructor though and there were a LOT of people at various levels to roll with which helps a lot.


ttt for more info please.

Jasprobst have you gone to the Sac Bjj Training Center?

The instructors are Carlos Richard Fabri. Does anybody have info on them?

No but I've heard GREAT things. Solid place. You have some good choices in Sac......give me a call if you want to roll (i'm a beginner) and are near Roseville...i'd drive for weekend or evening rolls if you have a mat.

I decided on Wernecks World Class Jiu Jitsu. My backs been messed up for a while so I'm going to have to wait one to two months before I start training again. Thanks for the info it helped out alot. I'll give you a holler on the forum when I'm back in action.

Let me know how it goes.