Brazilian Rainbow Boas

Do any of you guys have experience with these snakes? I think they are one of the most beautiful snakes I have seen.

I have researched the net, but I was interested if anyone had any first hand info.

I am mostly concerned about their temperment, and any other info would be appreciated.


I have 3, two yearling males and a 5 year old female. The babies have a rep of being snappy, but mine never attempt to bite. The female is 7ft, and is dog tame. She is an active snake and moves constantly while being held, but very placid.
Keep in mind babies need VERY HIGH humidity, and mid range temps, 75-80.
I love em.


NIce looking snakes. I hear that you better have some bactine at hand. Snappy fuggers

Thanks. I will be adding one to my collection.

josh- did you ever get one? pic?

Not yet. I am waiting for a new batch to come in to my favorite store. I did shop around a little and found 4 at a different location, but they did not look very healthy, and they were a little too mature anyway. I could order them online, but I would rather just stay number 1 on the waiting list with the people I trust.

where do you live? i am in atlanta

how much are you gonna pay? details yet?

I am in socal. I would have to double check the price but I think it was around 150-175.