Brazilian TopTeam Long Beach???

Anybody have any experience training there? Atmosphere? How welcoming are they? Friendliness? Are the upper ranked belts stuck up/Big Ego's? Is it a tough guy gym where everyone spars like they have something to prove like it's the finals of the mundials? When the upper belts spar with the white belts do they shut them down completely, or are they helpful and give them advice while/after rolling. It's a really close bike ride from my house. The convenience is awesome. Thanks.

 L.I., N.Y. or Cali?

 That was a joke BTW.

lol actually Florida. nah killa cali.

I've known Marcelo Perdomo for a long time, his team is very family like. They all BBQ on Sundays together.

His skills are legit, he's a brazilian that can actually wrestle (Cerrito's College) so you wont lack in any ground aspect training with him. He's from the old school Carlson Gracie Team in Brazil and recieved his Black Belt from Master Marcelo Saporito. His counsin Alan Carvalho also is a black belt there and has the best leg locks I've ever trained with, I've rolled with Eric Paulson and Alan would break his legs IMOMarcelo is very humble and a top notch instructor

It's a great gym. They're currently in the process of moving about a mile and a half to a bigger, better space (so you can probably still bike). Marcelo knows his shit and it very good at teaching it. All the higher ranks are extremely friendly and helpful and it's a good, tight family atmosphere that is still welcoming. I definitely recommend this gym.

 Marcello Perdomo is good people