Brazilian VT Book

This is a book that was released in Japan covering all the Vale Tudo teams in Brazil. The text is in Japanese, but it is loaded with color and black and white photos from BTT, Chute Boxe, Gracie Barra, Luta Livre, Master, Carlson, etc. Ricardo Liborio is also featured, along with Pequeno, Shaolin, Allan Goes, Wanderlai Silva, Pele Landi, Assuerio Silva and every other fighter from all the different Vale Tudo schools. The book is 374 pages of fantastic photos ! This book is one of the best books I have ever seen on Brazilian Vale Tudo teams. Fantastic quality and not to be missed. Only sold in Japan. I have no idea if this will ever be released in the U.S. in an English version. Definitely worth adding to your collection !
There are also pictures of the fighter's practicing with their gi's on.

where did you get this book? it sounds like a great one to order.


ColinLane, a friend picked it up for me when he was in Japan. This book was published in August, 2003. It is probably still available. You may want to check some of the Japanese internet sites. Do a search on 'Brazilian Vale Tudo' Japanese book. Hope this helps.

Correction: the book was published in August, 2002.