Brazillian President chimes in on Rogan! - lol - Joe is World Famous!



We apparently need South American countries to teach us about freedom of speech now. It’s to that point.


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Imagine that, a Brazilian that knows who Rogan is.


If only our own President shared the same beliefs.


They all would be beautiful havens of free speech if usa/the cia hadn’t fucked em up.

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We finally agree on something.

Let’s book a room in a motel…

You would be surprised at the number of people on the opposite side thinks about that and how many are aware of exactly how much our intelligence apparatus involvement has fucked the world up. A lot of us have been vocal about it for years. Much of South America was hurt by our intervention. It is more known in places like Iran, which we caused with the British, but yes the CIA has caused tremendous global instability and countries to be less free.


I wouldn’t quite say “our” like the American citizens are onboard or something. It’s shit we can’t stop without a war & we don’t even know who we’re fighting.

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Rogan is massive all over the world. Would be even bigger if people did not need to listen to him on Spotify

That’s what confuses me. Surely the White House and whoever else is coordinating this knows they will only hurt Spotify and not Rogan. If he leaves and goes to Rumble or starts his own platform, then nothing changes. Unless they’ve got something planned with big tech to stop him from having a private platform at all.

Rumble is not really a free speech platform either. They follow Google TOS to stay in the app store and can easily be pressured into censoring. Right now they have no problems because they have basically no influence, but if Rogan brought hundreds of millions of listens per month, that would change.

Rogan would have to go to Gab which is the only truly independent free speech platform I’ve seen, or create his own platform similar to what Gab has done. Anything reliant on the apple/google/Amazon framework is not a safe harbor.

I think what would be most likely is just launching his own platform or partnering with someone new. He would bring in a ton of other popular podcasters with him.

Launching his own platform seems like the best solution. Until the intelligence community starts targeting him with DDoS attacks.

There is a large crew or circuit of these guys that have a massive combined audience that would be eye watering when compared to corporate media. If Rogan goes I think a lot of them would follow.

For most of them, they publish onto multiple platforms anyway and their audiences are far bigger than most people realize.

I think that the Rogan/Spotify partnership is 50/50 right now but if the pressure continues for a while its going to become untenable. Rogan is rapidly becoming public enemy number 1 and we all know how this goes with shitlibs

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I know Rogan is in a different league, but what happened to the Alex Jones, the bald canadian ranter that didn’t understand “begging the question” and the ratty English guy who was kinda his lap dog
… After they got deplatformed?

The point is to make it so that no streaming service wants the headache of hosting someone so controversial. It’s a lose/lose situation for Spotify or any existing streaming service