BRB - Sending Spotify my Resumé

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Fingers crossed!

These are the faggots whining about Rogan? Haha HR nightmare dealing with these freaks


Trans population lifetime suicide attempt is at 41.8%. 

Gender transition is something we are not genetically predisposed for. (As dumb and obvious as that sounds.) Sadly this this problem will take care of itself one way or another.

Companies endorsing this are cruel and inhumane.


Kill them with fire! 

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I would be very interested to somehow see how the blue-haired guy visualizes himself.

There has to be a huge disconnect in his mind from what he thinks he looks like and how he actually looks.


I’m starting to believe it was some kind of miracle that Rogan got signed with them… It was either a covert assignment from the top that happened completely in secret or, no, that’s really the only option. These woke employees would have never gone for it and now the deal’s been inked they’re throwing their genderless tantrums because feelings.

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ShanTheMan -

These are the faggots whining about Rogan? Haha HR nightmare dealing with these freaks

I honestly wonder if these people were hired because they are actually good or just to fill the diversity quota. 

I did see a lecture by the blue haired weirdo (not that one) and the guy knew his shit so it's a fair question. 

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Fuck'em with furious abandonment!


LOL why do they always look the same?

It's always some short, fat, balding faggot nerd. They all look like the same 

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I bet every single one of them is a freak in the sack. Especially Bard. 

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What I always think is funny if if you say

“oh i am a women inside, feel more comfortable to have blue hair and a miniskirt” HR is probably like sure.

But if you are just a dude and say “i feel more comfortable in flip flops, shorts and tshirts” they would probably not allow that.

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I've already signed up for the Napster trial and so far love it believe it or not.

$10 a month and does the exact same thing as Spotify regarding music including offline playback. 

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I’m glad I only use their free version.

I like how the one says, “Pronouns are tricky subject for me depending what to use and what to use where,” but if I mistakingly use the wrong pronoun I’m vilified… seems reasonable…

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LOL Joe was looking for a way out of future Google censorship and he chooses this freakshow as his new platform. Wtf was he thinking? For that matter wtf was Spotify management thinking for offering him 100 million dollars when everything about the jre would cause an employee melt down? 

On the bright side, Spotify is clearly saving money on the company gym.

If I were a biological woman, I would say “FUCK TO THE NO!” About some troll that “transitioned” by painting his nails and dying his already grown out hair blue being able tonuse the same bathroom as me. 


That dude is straight and has just been ostricized his whole life because he’s a fucking creep. He creeps out all the women and has inappropriate conversations with guys. He’s socially inept, but has yearned to be accepted his entire life. Now he found a way. 


Claim to be a woman then when Amanda goes to the bathroom he can go in there and jerk off while she pisses. 10:1 odds that dude either has a sexual charge of some sort, or he will eventually. 

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Ya, I had Premium before the Rogan move but I’m canceling for sure now.

What is the best alternative?