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the rev

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the rev

Rev i thought your divine help would sort out all these problems for you ;P

You still got a bit of room left rev?
Trying to get a few guys from up my way down there for it. Its the day after the Pans isn't it?

I will have some people assisting me if we get a large crowd, the room can allow for a lot of people, I kept the price really low so you guys can come after the pan pacs. I think anyone would go away with some good stuff they haven't seen before.

the rev


we should have room for about 50 people on the mat, so 25 pairs. I'm fairly sure we may be able to have more than that anyhow.



you forgot the part where you say rev is really good at leg locks, and you should come :)

Uncle Fu,

Jesus seems to only help me with the inconsequential stuff, like staying happily married after 16 years, and being a good father. I usually pray for better jiu jitsu skills but he keeps trying to teach me patience. :)

the rev

Bah! Where has patience ever gotten us, hmmm?

Oh...and the rev is really, really good at leglocks, you should come.

I take payment in many forms Rev, money, beer or an odd miracle will do, the extra 'really' was free to ;)

How about next time a roll with you, you get a "get out of footlock free" card.

the rev

We are expecting thirty to forty people. And I would love to go for a drink with you all afterwards.

And Mike, I promise I will only break your leg. However, knowing you, you will trip on the way in and break your arm.

the rev

How did the seminar go?

Also anyone know how Ben went in his fight Sat night?

TTT for Bens Fight Results!!!!?????

The seminar numbers weren't what we were expecting and were a little disappointing. The seminar was great though and the people who didn;t go should be kicking themselves.

I heard that Ben's fight was stopped in the 4th round as he was unable to continue due to his leg being just hammered by the other guy. Apparently Ben was winning the clinches but the guy kept chopping away at one of Ben's legs and it was eventually too much.

The seminar was gold Rev's total understanding of the leg lock game is only surpassed by his ability to instruct and explain it.

I've used and have been taught leg attacks many times over the last 6 years but never like this, many little details that make all the difference.

As well as The Rev there was 2 very knowledgeable black belts assisting.

All this for less than $15 and hour

To those that did not attend "EE-JITS"


hey fuckers how you all doing, evil my comp. went down for a while send me your addy.....

thanks guys, it was fun.

I really had a blast tonight because I almost got caught twice in leg locks that I showed to Oly just yesterday.

the rev

God luck here!