Breakdance (vid) (~6 MB) (down for bandwidth)

Apparently a breakdancer called 'Iron Monkey', the most awesome display of strength I've seen lately and so smooth and explosive. Damn.

bah, breakdancing is never not cool.

heh this vid is mentioned in three threads on here now.. still nice

Can you imagine if that guy took that strength and trained extensively in grappling?

I would love to have that guy's attributes.

Awesome vid.

I bet under those baggy pants he has got skinny leg!

But an awesome display of body control and strength all the same

"Looks like CGI."

What they're doing is slowing down and speeding up the film to fit the music. He's not dancing to that tune.


I did see the slowmotion but there was no speeding up involved as far as i can see, you would see the crowd 'accelerate' as well then.

I'm still in total awe about the pushups he does at the end, definitely surreal, seriously what the fuck.

That's actually Junior not Iron Monkey. He's from France.

You're probqbly right about the speeding up - it's a camera trick illusion going from slow to normal speed, like in the Matrix type stuff