Breakdown of Ronda vs Kaufman


 Thanks Eddie...

WAR Talent


i guess her armbar is pretty damn good....

Good stuff as always.

Eddie when are you going to be on the JRE again? It feels like its been a while Phone Post

Sick video... love the idea of controlling the leg and going for the arm crush and having the armbar there as a backup.

rubber can defense

 and how come no heavy metal session at the beginning?

i am disappoint...

Eduard Braveux is very wise. Phone Post

Great breakdown by Eddie.

I've read that Ronda and her mom (Ann Marie DeMars) are coming out with a book on armlocks co-authored with Jimmy Pedro Sr. (father of judo olympian, Jimmy Pedro Jr.). It's supposed to be available soon.

Eddie, you ever see Giva Santana fight? That guy has a killer armbar as well.

Excellent, Eddie!

I agree about the effectiveness of the Spiderweb over RNC from back. I will start working on it.

2012 innovation!

Sub Phone Post

TTT for Eddie! Phone Post

Very,very interesting that Eddie said he was not able to defend Ronda`s armbar once she was in position.This just swayed my opinion on Ronda over Cyborg now.

For later. Thanks for the vid! Phone Post


Why the hell does this video need to be 16 minutes long?!?! I got shit to do!

where are the Gracie breakdowns?


 For later, thanks Eddie