Breakfast on Competition day?

What do you eat on the morning of competition?

Last comp I went really light on breakfast and felt weak.

Any suggestions for optimal pre-comp food?

Whatever you normally eat. Comp day is not the day to change things. Phone Post 3.0

3 eggs, some bacon, and toast always works.

You guys don't load up on honey or carbs or anything like that?

I'm weird I guess, even when I was playing lacrosse I never ate before games and this continues through to Bjj at most I may do a protein shake Phone Post 3.0

Depends on if I cut. Usually toast with Nutella and banana. Phone Post 3.0

acai bowl...bananas, granola, qia, acai, apple juice, strawberries, and mango, and honey

depends if i weighed in night before. i like having a bagel with eggs.

Carbs Phone Post 3.0

3 whole eggs, some oatmeal. Maybe a banana. I take bananas, muffins & water to the venue with me at a minimum. Phone Post 3.0

oatmeal,take some oranges with you

Something to take my mind off my crushing hangover Phone Post 3.0

Rolled oats, almond milk, protein powder, flax seed oil, honey, and raspberries or blueberries. I eat it cold, all mixed up, just like cereal. I call it sludge berry soup. It looks gross, tastes good, and gives me some fuel. Phone Post 3.0

Philip Proctor - Whatever you normally eat. Comp day is not the day to change things. Phone Post 3.0

this is true, hence the two bacon breakfast tacos from taco bell i had a couple weeks ago.

Thanks for the tips. Weigh ins are day of, but I'm light for my division, so a normal breakfast i.e. oatmeal, shouldn't be a problem.

Oatmeal Phone Post 3.0

The last time I competed, I had a metrx type shake about 2 hours before, and wow. I'm never doing that again.

I was more concerned with not shitting myself than winning.

So yeah. Phone Post 3.0

Brownies Phone Post 3.0

I def wouldn't change up my diet much..Don't want the sh!ts or anything. I just adjust a little....cut down coffee from 2 cups to 1 and have a little extra fruit juice. I had a carton strawbana (orange, straberry, banana) juice with me during the day.... but none of it was very different than the usual for me.