Breaking bad spoiler (serious, big one don't open)

I just can't believe how any of that stuff can be true.

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Saul will live too cause they have talked about him having his own spin off show.

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Damn...why did I read that

CaptainWoody - Damn...why did I read that
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This was floating around on spoiler forums before 5B started and it had spoilers for every episode, all of which turned out to be fake. They were somewhat well written and entertaining, but none of the things in them actually happened in the show. According to them, tonight's episode would have ended with Skyler being killed by Todd's uncle by the White's pool while Walter flees to NH.

Makes no sense. Walt is already in town and picks up the M60 right away. He has no idea of the Chileans until Saul calls.

If he got a call from Saul that his family was killed, etc, and he needed to get there, he wouldnt be taking his time driving from NH, going to get his cash, before hand, etc.

Why would he leave his money in the desert anyway?

He would take it to NH, whatever, especially now Hank, Jessie, and Gomie knows its out there. Or the moneys already gone

How did everyone survive the desert shoot out?

Jack and Todd and DEA agents???

Not a fucking chance

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Has this been conclusively debunked? Because my only regret in life was reading that thread Phone Post

Saul lives IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Why is Walk, Jr. with Hank and Marie?  How do Hank and Gomie and Jack all survive the shootout?  Walt fits enough money to fill seven 55 gallon barrels in the trunk?  To introduce a new character in the last episode after like a year of Gus being dead seems lazy.  I call BS.

Hank knows that Walt's money is buried in the desert, that there is a lot of it (barrels worth) and has Walt lead him right to it, then he says he'll have a DEA crew out there to dig it all up no problem, if the synopsis is correct then Hank and Gomez must have somehow gotten amnesia and totally forgetten about it or otherwise left it alone between now and the last episode or were coerced by Jack or something equally silly and out-of-character for Hank.

I like you OP but I'm having trouble buying that recap.

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The only thing that strikes me as probable..hell guaranteeable (is that a word)

is The Chileans coming back...too prominent of a topic and addressed multiple times of his important past to just drop and never bring up again.

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who's holly?