Breaking: Biden droned the wrong guy in Kabul


the Libs wont care

Homeboy took a hellfire for loading water into his car for humanitarian aid.

Biden must be getting his Intel from Hunter

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If anything it vindicates Biden’s decision to leave. How many other civilians do you think the US military has killed over the years in Afghanistan?

I doubt Biden had much to do with the exact location of the drone strike. You guys are sitting here like he’s the one behind the trigger.

You think it was an accident? This was a hit.

That’s real retarded logic, sir.


President houseplant will find a way to blame this on anyone but him

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US should stay another 10 years? Rack up hundreds if not thousands more civilian deaths?

Corn Pop was a bad dude

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Who said that?

I’m wondering how a drone strike that blew up an innocent family vindicates biden’s half assed withdrawal.

Nobody seems to have a problem with leaving. It’s how the dementia patient in chief did it.


… and Hitler didn’t actually kill any Jews himself. Blame it all on the prison guards who sent them to the showers. Hitler’s hands are clean.


Nobody (other than a few dead-ender neolibs/cons) has a problem with the decision to leave. It’s the decision to drone an aid worker and his family on the way out that has some people upset. The fact that they lied about it when they claimed to have killed two terrorists (who they still won’t name) makes it even worse. The fact that they did it for political reasons (to give the impression they were doing ‘something’ after the terrorist attack at the airport) makes it worse still.

It was a giant clusterfuck all-around, just like everything else with this poorly planned and executed withdrawal.


He delegated it.

That was 4, 5 days ago…Jack…


Motherfucker I came in here to do this you thunder robber.

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Obama killed a wedding procession of 11. Biden has a long way to go.

At least that strike killed a few terrorists with some collateral damage. Biden droned kids and a couple aid workers.

You know you’ve lost the argument when you are referencing Hitler.

Can you please tell your party that

Yemeni “terrorists” aka enemies of the House of Saud.

Anyhow lets give Biden an Nobel Peace Prize like his old boss.