BREAKING NEWS: Chris Palmquist Arrested

Came to add snazzy GIF.

Top men. You’ve removed the GIF function/button already?

What in the actual Fuck.

No, an update to the GIPHY plugin is hiding the GIF button on mobile browsers. Working on it.

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You’re better off with no reference point. Hilarious thread, lol.

Now your forehead goes from your eyebrows to you shoulder blades

shots fired wow GIF by Collider

high level post

Quality thread.
Peyton Manning would be jealous

Mitch Cumstein would have broken this wide open months ago.

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After night putting with the Dean’s daughter ?

Tom Cruise Lol GIF

Glad you guys like your mods enough to make fun of them.

Are you always a fun vacuum? You like to bring everyone down to your level of sadness? You need help Hoover.

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Blah Blah Blah Sock Puppet GIF by Your Happy Workplace

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Yep. Yep.

dead or alive 80s GIF

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