We just broke the news on MMAWeekly that the UFC has some very
exciting news in regards to their presence on television. Check it out

You may have to refresh the screen when you get there, but it is at the
very top.




I guess any tv time is good, but considering their old fights I frankly don't give a crap.

ya its old fights... but at least theyre putting up good fights for the show.


they tried the old fights and it didnt work Why not give liiiiiiiiiive fights

"Why not give liiiiiiiiiive fights"

Because when Matt Hughes lies on somebody for five rounds, that viewer will never watch anything with the UFC name again.

u must not be a fan if u dont have the confidence in new viewers watching live fights

damn i thought it was ufc vs bj on court tv

Great news! Way to go Dana!

Hell Ya!


LMAO at Momita!

Great news!

Although us hardcore fans would prefer a live program, this will work much better for the mainstream audience. This allows the UFC to air their best fights (Lawler/Diaz) and most popular fights (Chuck/Tito).

Mainstream, here we come......?

I guess there not trying to build the tito brand anymore....

This is very good news. As others have pointed out, even though the fights are "old", they're not gonna be old to the majority of the new audience. Congrats, Dana.

Anybody heard what criteria (besides being exciting)they're using to decide which fights to show? Both fights mentioned were stand-up fights that, like the all-to-familiar boxing, were ended by punches. I think it would be cool if UFC could show a variety of exciting fights that ended in other ways, too. Somebody mentioned vitor giving Eastman that forehead vagina and I think that'd be a great choice. Another old but recent fight I 'd choose would be Thompson v. Edwards. I think this would be a great thread topic but I'm a little too lazy to do it myself.

LOL @ the UFC signs a new 4 fight deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship........

Have I missed something? They already show old UFC fights on the Empire Sports Channel all the time.

Nevermind I realized after posting that Fox Sports has 82 million viewers.

Serra vs Carter from UFC 31 is the perfect fight.That fight had everything from beginning to end.Best UFC fight ever.

lol@ maxpower