Breaking News Roy Nelson tests positive for...


Sorry couldn't resist!!! Phone Post 3.0

bacon.. the new age peds...

They do pump steroids into chickens so maybe he could test hot one day Phone Post

Smh Phone Post 3.0

High cholesterol?? Phone Post 3.0

I'd be more surprised if Big Breakfast was caught eating a salad.
On a serious note I am glad to see that he has taken his career a little more seriously and dropped weight. He really should be a lhw or even mw, but he might be getting too old now to find that type of motivation. Other problem is that his skills set will not work so well at a lighter weight. Phone Post 3.0

At least you made it blatantly obvious in the title that it was a troll.

...diabetic retinopathy

His McD was high as well from what I was told. Phone Post 3.0