BREAKING NEWS: Texas shooter was female



Tranny? So, we can tie mental issues to tranny issues once and for all?


So, we won’t be hearing about this story anymore then?


Has that been confirmed, or do you just want it to be true?

Doesn’t look anything like this guy. This people tying to be funny?

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The guy was being bullied for wearing eyeliner for sure a mentally ill tranny

So the shooter is or isn’t the guy in your OP?

Either you’re purposefully or accidentally creating a fake narrative.

Youre saying he’s not a mentally ill person?

Stabrina is a bot.

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this story which was THE most important issue of teh day…

will now be dropped like a hot potato

The internet is such a strange collection.


When the Trayvon Martin story broke the media used a pic of him when he was like 10 yr old. Which doesn’t mean this pic they are using is inaccurate, just saying there is reason to not rely to hard on it at the moment.

Ban all Trannies!!??

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I’m saying you’re being disingenuous by posting this when they’re two completely different people.

Either post a picture of the faggot shooter being a tranny, or stop being a faggot

His social media pages have already been deleted to hide his faggoty ways. If I’m wrong so be it doesn’t change the fact that hes a deranged homo.


Nah. They are just going to look the other way when something like this happens.

They only get their panties in a bunch when a “white male” does it.

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Shooter is now “White Hispanic!”


Boys wear earrings