Why do you type like a pre-op tranny OP?

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No idea what you’re talking about. I’m kind of embarrassed for you.

^don’t play dumb, you know what I’m talking about, THESE NERDS!

Hahah another thread that blew up in OPs face.
This place is starting to feel like home

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I like it…all their stuff was well designed and I for one dig the color scheme. the black, the greys, blood red, and white. Fuckers were disciplined and organized. Respect for the enemy is always a good thing. Watch and listen to some Sabaton videos on youtube son. Not all Germans were bad. There’s a reason Patton pleaded with the politicians telling them we were fighting the wrong enemy.

Great article on the big 3 tyrants of the modern age.

Pretty sure Genghis Khan has them all beat for killing and creating the most human life on Earth ever.

Just another attempt by a Democrat lie in order to create an impactful spectacle and polarize people.