Breaking Points: Financial Literacy is not important; Its the system thats broken!

They justly are getting killed in the comments for this vid.

They have the nerve to ask for donations after making this absurd video on how financial literacy is not that important or does not make a big impact but rather its the american economic system.

Now im not saying being educationed on the subject is all you need but it for sure is very important. I dont know of any successful person who has ever said financial literacy is not important but I would bet if they do they actually have someone else who is financially literate doing their work for them or they view you as a sucker and want to get your money.

You can’t know if the system is broken of you don’t have financial literacy.

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From time to time on social media I see/hear comments like “why dont they teach useful stuff like banking shit in school”

Dude…just go to any fucking bank and they will explain it to you in half an hour.

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt should be required reading in highschool. People should understand it before they go out in the world and start voting.

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i think a basic look is fine. black or red. asset or liability. how much do you spend vs. how much you make.

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The evidence is that financial literacy education makes little to no difference to decision making.