BREAKING: Russia Wants To Trade Brittney Griner For "The Merchant Of Death" Viktor Bout!

Shes guilty of being a moron

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Dont be stupid Joe, ask them to throw in some baby formula. The worst they can say is no.

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Dont tell me what to do.

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The last dem president delivered pallets of cash to a country that sponsors terrorism.

So anything’s possible.



If megan rapinhoe wants to keep her company, I’ll pay for the flight.


I have a rule that if you come in my house and piss on my rug, I will then get to punch you in the nuts twelve times in the next 3–10 years.

Brittney pissed on Russia’s rug, so they get to act in accordance to their rules.

She absolutely deserves this.


at least you are consistent.

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I dont think she should ‘rot because she has anti american views’ because I believe in free speech.

I think both countries should follow whatever rules they have established for this type of situation.

The United States is a Republic. That means we are supposed to follow laws and change laws that do not work. We cannot do that for Russia, we dont even manage for ourselves.

I dont like the bitch and I think this was a fucking stupid move on her part.

I think, however, a greater concern is using her as a political pawn. That is fucked up. Follow our laws, don’t use this as some sort of fucking team thing. I don’t believe she deserves to rot in prison because she is fucking stupid. I also do not think we should trade a fucking shit bag murderer WHO SHOULD ALREADY BE DEAD for her.

I am not claiming to be of any particular intelligence or wisdom, mind you. If I were president right now in this situation Id probably say this was a problem for the private sector. Get a lawyer, the WNBA can afford it from all their sponsors. Right?

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Actually, who am I kidding?

Those are the same button and his administration doesn’t blink before mushing it down without remorse

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Yes they are

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