Breaking: shooting at Mall of America

Someone got stabbed when I was there once. Came upon the scene after it happened by maybe 30 min. Blood on the floor still. Ever since then I never entered that mall without protection. Haven’t been in it now for probably ten years. It used to be a tourist attraction but over time has turned into a gang hangout spot as welll.

Those kids did awful skinny

Are they not being fed properly in schools or what

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Nobody wants to live in Minnesota dude

I remember malls sucking in the 90’s too

Wtf? Street Fighter, Cinnabon, no social media so all the chicks are at the mall. Where were you in the 90s?


Malls were dope, CDs, video games and pussy.

Probably had to hold his dad’s hand at the mall until he graduated HS then got shipped off to the marines for safe keeping

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Future astronauts at it again

Fuck you. I love minnesota. The twin cities on the other hand i would agree. The twin cities are a cancerous tumor to a otherwise great state. Luckily its a magnet for all the leftists so the rest of us can live in peace.

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Fuckin A. 2 fucking gun charges in a year and gets 2 fucking days for time served. Fuck Hennepin County and their SJW bullshit. I have friends that have sat for waaaaay more than 2 days in outstate Minnesota for their first marijuana offense, much less firing shots and carrying without a license? This state is backwards as hell some times.

Lots of false flags recently

And STILL… if he sits a year, I’ll be fucking shocked. Sorry, a bit angry right now.

The Blacks must be allowed to roam free. Incarceration is racism.

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