Breaking: Texas Passes Election Integrity Bill

Looks like Texas is safe…


Does that mean that becomes law now ie nothing more needs to happen? It passed in the Senate but still needs to pass in the House. I probably will but it hasn’t yet

Did those little bitch democrats finally show up so a vote could be had?


They tried to fillbuster


I like how it took a warrant to get them to return. What a bunch of faggots.


Why election integrity is a debatable topic to anyone is beyond me.

What is more important than ensuring that elections are conducted in a safe and secure manner and that the person voting has to prove they are actually the person that is voting?

Shit blows my mind that anyone is against this.


Because this wouldn’t have been possible if that were the case:


People like being told what to do. The person on the TV informs you of what the correct opinion is, you absorb it, boom, no thinking required. Then you move on with your life praying that nobody ever asks you a follow up question.

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All these minorities won’t be able to vote now! No more drive-thru voting! No more voting at Stop 'n Go! No more being picked up by a special interest van and driven to polls to early vote and then mail in a vote months later in your cousin’s name!

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Only passed in the senate. The house democrats are still breaking quorum.

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