Breaking: "Trans females should not compete in women sports" - Jenner

I think they absolutely should. Women are always the first ones who vote shit like this in. Now let them enjoy what they sowed.

Let them compete!


Another topic involving trannies, yay!

I was hoping for another topic on trannies. I am a minority and every time I go out, every where I look I see trannies, yet I never hear about them in the news.




It is kinda odd that a white male who identifies as female is more protected than a black girl trying to make it.

So fucking confusing…

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Leftists hate this kinda shit.

If anyone in their protected victim class steps out of line, they must rush to delegitimize that person, because blacks, browns, trans, and gays are only useful as long as they’re a mouthpiece for intersectionality divisiveness.

Once they think for themselves, they’re “self-hating” or an uncle tom, etc.


listened to Jenner in a podcast last summer
I think with rob Lowe. still has very down to earth viewpoints. I enjoyed listening to the whole thing

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What world do we live in where a tranny is the one speaking truth to these people?

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There are a lot of trannies out there who acknowledge that they have a mental illness, and body dysmorphia, which is almost always linked to an eating disorder or some sort.

It’s the people who claim to speak FOR the trannies that are truly vile and anti-reality.

The fact we are even having this debate just shows how far this country has fallen.

This is pure lunacy and I never imagined in my life it would even be a point of contention.

But then again, nothing the left does surprises me any longer as they seem to be hellbent on ruining this country.


They all universally live in fantasy land. Funnily enough Elliot Page will advocate for trans athletes in the Oprah interview despite being built like a pre-pubescent 9 year old. I’d love to see her play Rugby with Jonah Lomu


These men who think they are a woman are sick and need to be put in a mental hospital.

Same goes for any transgenders. whether male or female.

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The liberals should not be allowed to have everything both ways. If they are forcing us to only view a guy who claims he’s a girl, as a girl and that means drivers licenses, restrooms, human resources related stuff, and everyfuckingthing else, then let it include sports too. They made this bed, now let’s all lie in it.

Do I agree with it, fuck no. However, this is their issue, let them live with it and hopefully turn some more people away from the mentally ill, hypocritical left

jenner isnt speaking any truth, just a few years ago jenner thought trans people should be able to play in the sports they identified as, hasnt said anything to contradict that (that i am aware of or could find) until… jenner announces running for office as a conservative and poof has magically adopted the conservative view on the issue.

i happen to agree with jenner on the issue but it doesnt appear to have been some brave insightful belief jenner has come to adopt, but instead just political opportunism.

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Jenner is an Aunt Tom to trans people.


Aunt Tomina!

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