BREAKING: Twitter To ACCEPT Elon Musk's Bid To Buy Company! HAHAHAHA!

Yeah because arguing with people who believe in communism and pedophilia is so much better. It’s fucking annoying, go to fucking reddit.

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This from the guy who says, “Just be a real person,” then throws a tantrum when called out on his subjectively wrong facts? Fuck right off.

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Im happy to argue with real fucking people, you’re not real. You’re not a real person. I’m not sure if you’re a troll, being paid by some PAC to post online, or just some autistic gay communist activist but either way I have no interest in conversing with you.

This place use to be great, you and all your alts fucking ruined it.

So. Fucking. Hilarious.


Lol, says the pussy faggot pedo defender that ignores people that call him out on being a retarded pussy ass pedo defender. NICE!

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So when musk buys twitter at a discount and unbans trump. - you’re not going to whine and cry because no one gives a fuck about you either… right?


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How come Putin was able to post a speech about invading the Ukraine on twitter and then actually invade without being banned?

Wouldn’t you agree that Putins words on twitter, when taking in the context of events happening, not only in Russian, but in the Ukraine as well, are words of violence?

I mean thousands of people are dead and there’s been destruction all over the Ukraine since what he said, right?


Stop using logic and common sense.

You’re going to fuck with cliff booths programming


We need to be able to silence voices we don’t like on this platform, especially the ones who don’t think someone else silencing a voice they didn’t like on their platform was the greatest blow to democracy and freedom in history.

You couldn’t script more hilarious dialogue if you tried.


You do know you will always have TDS for good right?

That man owns you for life!

Donald Trump GIF by reactionseditor

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Lol a voting system is now undemocratic? holy fuck are you stupid.

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If it were up to the community he would have never been banned. Bit different as far as preference in how to mod a community. But also a bit rich again. You keep saying a private site can ban anyone they want while on your 12th account you use to avoid allowing this site to ban you because you don’t think it’s fair that they banned you for you.


Ok. I’ll take your word for it. How about religious discrimination? Religion is a set of beliefs. You can change it at any time. So you don’t support religious discrimination laws either?

You can also change gender. So I guess race is about the only thing that fits your point about you can’t change it about yourself… For now.

I would love to get rid of religious discrimination laws, as they are indeed chosen beliefs, but unfortunately they are a foundation of this country (literally), enshrined in the Constitution, and aren’t going anywhere.

Gender discrimination is sex discrimination, just as orientation discrimination is sex discrimination.

Hey something we agree on (the first bit). Fuck my people, only 1% of the population if no one wants to serve the Jews again oh well.

Not allowing private companies to discriminate on religion is not required by the constitution though. Those are just regular laws. The government can’t do it but of course it can’t discriminate based on viewpoint either. Both are in the same first amendment because they were viewed as so core to the country, allowing people to say what they want and practice whatever religion they wanted.

You can change your sex too.

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I’ll stick 120V up your ass when we go for a game and beers and you can decide then…


Lol Shaun king would like a word


Can you? I’m pretty sure it’s accurately called gender reassignment surgery now and not sex change, although admittedly I don’t follow this too closely. In any case even if you can change it you shouldn’t be discriminated against because you don’t choose to undergo surgery and hormone treatments - again you shouldn’t be discriminated against because of what you are. And finally it’s pretty laughable to act as though people who HAVE had a “sex change” aren’t still discriminated against.

because MEN who have reassigned and now believe they are WOMEN cant compete against women who were born that way in competition

Thats not discrimination.

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