Breathing question..

Mr Sonnon,

Just a query... I used to smoke a fair few cigarettes
during my teens and early twenties, which has
undoubtably impacted on my cardio-vascular
system. I have since quit now for a couple of
years. I still find that I run out of gas despite being
regarded by others as being "very fit."

Can you suggest any exercises or breathing
techniques that would
strengthen/tone/enhance/optimise my lung

I'm fully aware that I probably will never get back to
running with a full tank of gas... but am interested
in maximising what remaining capacity I have left.
I've deliberately incorporated a lot of cardio work
into grappling game.

Also what is the Russian perspective of smoking?
All the Russians I've ever met particularly enjoyed
partaking of cigarettes, and were rather partial to
the occassional vodka or twenty.

thankyou for your time and expertise... any reply will
be welcome.

Mr. S.,

Have you purchased Dykhaniye Respiratory Enhancement? (

I've met many Russians that smoke obsessively. I've also met many Americans that are fat, since the current stats hold that 40% of Americans are obese.

Many folk as well as scientific remedies also include vodka as an ingredient. In American colleges holding degree programs in Ethno-Botany (such as Evergreen University, WA), professors explain that vodka is used in tincturing herbs.

The Russians with whom I hold company concern themselves with health, so I can't speak for the 40% that smoke and drink excessively.

Like the Delphi Oracle read, "Know Thyself. All things in moderation."